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kINPen® MED is a device to generate cold tissue-compatible plasma. Physical Plasma indicates an excited state of gas, often describes as fourth state of matter (beside solid, liquid and gaseous). The combination of different active principles provides a strong antibacterial and wound-healing supportive effect. Therefore the plasma treatment with kINPen MED ® is particularly suitable for therapy of infected, poorly healing wounds. Read more...

Cold plasma

Plasma is an excited state of gas. More than 99 percent of visible matter in the universe is in that plasma state. Polar lights, solar winds and lightnings are naturally appearing plasmas; energy-saving lamps and plasma TV are technical applications of plasma. Form, size and temperature of a physical plasma is very flexible and could be adjusted according to requirements.  Read more...


Plasmas for a direct therapeutically Treatment of the human Body are considerable colder. They are in the range of the body temperature. Numerous scientific studies on cold plasma proved strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing spoorting effects. In plasma different active components e.g. heat, UV radiation and electric fields.   Read more...



Workshops in 2019

At the following events we will inform about our medical device kINPen® MED. We would like to welcome you to our booth: We offer you interesting results of medical plasma research, as well as much other information on the use of cold plasma in medicine.



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