What is Plasma?

Since many years physical plasma is used in medicine – but what exactly is physical plasma?

Plasma is an excited state of gas.  More than 99 percent of visible matter in the universe is in that plasma state. Polar lights, solar winds and lightings are naturally appearing plasmas; energy-saving lamps and plasma TV are technical applications of plasma. Form, size and temperature of a physical plasma is very flexible and could be adjusted according to requirements.

Physical Plasma in Medicine

Plasma devices with hot plasma of about 70°C are used in gastroenterology and surgery e.g. for endoscopic oozing of internal hemorrhage as well as liver resection or polypectomies.

Plasmas for a direct therapeutically treatment of the human body are considerably colder. They are in the range of the body temperature. Numerous scientific studies on cold physical plasma proved strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing supporting effects. In plasma different active components e.g. heat, UV radiation and electric fields.

 Especially in poorly healing, chronic wounds cold plasma could be used supportively for wound treatment, because it destroys microorganisms and promotes wound healing by stimulating new tissue growth. Meanwhile medical application of cold physical plasma developed to an important new field of research: plasma medicine.

Besides a direct therapeutically application physical plasmas are also used in medicine for plasma-based decontamination and plasma-assisted modification of bio relevant surfaces. Surface modification and decontamination are indirect medical plasma applications. Here plasmatechnology is used to prepare materials or devices for medical applications.